Goodbye Rewind

RCD Radio Logo RedRCD Radio on Demand Service called Rewind, has been shut down, the reason being we no longer have a proper use for this service as archive shows can be found on their show pages on the RCD Radio website and on YouTube, we do not need another place to find older shows.

Any old archives from older RCD Radio shows will be made available soon on the RCD Radio Show pages under archives within the next few weeks.

Here are the links to show pages we currently broadcast where you can find older archives:

NOW! –
DJ Lozo’s Mixes:
Rock Night with DJ Luemas:

There may be some links directing to Rewind on the RCD Radio website, these links are in the process of being removed, the rewind URL ( is being redirected to this blog post.

Greetings! Whats New?

Cray Cray DJ Lozo - Now That's What I Call Music Volume 1After having a bit of a short break, RCD Radio is finally starting to come back to normality many of you may be pleased to hear.

DJ Lozo (The founder and owner of RCD Radio) has been taking some time out for a few months, but is now slowly coming back to doing what he enjoys best at RCD Radio, last weekend he did his first stream in many months and will not be the last! Its going to take time, but more broadcasts will start to appear at RCD Radio.

So, what can we expect to happen over the next few weeks? Well, RCD Radio will be doing some minor changes to the website, we hope to have the rewind feature in full operation in a few weeks, so you can re watch any broadcasts you missed, we would also like to start opening job offers for DJs to come on the air and DJ for us.

We would also like to work on getting partners on board and we are still desperately looking for a sponsor for the station! interested? please contact us

We will have some more news on new stuff in the future! just keep an eye out.