LozoCN.com to Sponsor RCD Radio

RCD Radio Logo RedAs of the 3rd March 2013, the personal site of Lozo (Dotcomboy17 or DJ Lozo) is to be added is a sponsor of the RCD Radio Website, the website will be paid annually by lozocn.com

What does this mean for RCD Radio?

It does not mean allot for us, all it really means that any donations made to the station will not be put towards our web hosting, that will all be relied on by lozocn.com

At this moment in time, Lozocn.com is a redirect to the old site called Dotcomboy17.net, but a new redesign and site is coming very soon to LozoCN.com!

In the next month or so, we shall be releasing further information on how to become a sponsor of RCD Radio as we really are looking for them right now! – Watch this Blog Space.