What’s happening at RCD Radio? What’s New?

studio-pic26RCD Radio 24/7 Streaming
The reason RCD Radio is currently offline and has been for a few months is due to the lack of high quality equipment, I will not stream in poor quality, I refuse, with this being said I would like to announce my aim.

However, on its way is a brand new Dell Precision T3400 machine which shall be used as a server to support a 24/7 Live Music Stream, it was ordered early yesterday morning and is expected to arrive on Friday 5th September, once we have it up and running, you will be the first to know by our blog.

IdleChat IRC
Our chat used to be held on the iPocalypse IRC network, but recently, iPocalypse has merged in to one great big giant ball of fire with another network (Known as DamDevil IRC) and is now called IdleChat, what does this mean to you? absolutely nothing, the only difference is that the name of the network has changed, you can still use your same old username and password like you always have, this paragraph is a huge shout out to IdleChat! Twitter: http://twitter.com/idlechatirc

DJ Lozo - Wide Shot - Now That's What I Call Music Volume 2Shop
The RCD Radio shop is currently closed while we sort out a new company to print our T-Shirts, you may be able to pre order T-Shirts at some point in the future, but for now, dealing is still going on, we shall update the blog when you can pre order T-Shirts and we shall include it on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Vaughnlive – Ustream
After hours of considering it, we have decided to switch video streaming platforms for our main stream from Ustream to Vaughn live as Vaughn live meets what we need in order to Live stream, for now though we are going to be giving it a trial run and if it does not turn out as good as we hopped, we shall return back to Ustream, you can check out our stream on Vaughn Live and follow us at http://vaughnlive.rcdradio.com

As you may of already heard, Justin.tv shut down in early August and for obvious reasons we do not have any plans to continue with this company, all domains and URL’s to Justin.tv have been removed from our site.

DCB Smart Shirt and Tie Suit Top Hat Smile DJingNew Live Page
We are still working on the Live Page for RCD Radio and it will hopefully be released later next month (October) with some improvements, more about this in a future blog post near the time of the release and a chance for you to properly test it out.

For now, that’s all of our big updates covered for RCD Radio, we shall let you know once our Live 24/7 Broadcast starts, we shall need you to try out our feed for feedback, but more information about that coming later this month.

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates that don’t make it to our blog, thank you for supporting us and we hope to talk to you very soon.

IRC Chat Changes – Users Now Require a LogIn Name to talk

chat-sidebarThe actions in this blog post have come in to immediate effect as of Thursday 14th August 2014

From Thursday 14th August, guests of the IRC Chat room on the RCD Radio Live Page, will be required a appropriate NickName to chat, the ZZZUSER-NUMBER (Example: ZZZUSER-3422) have been removed, when you are faced with the chat interface, you will be given a box to enter a nickname you would like to use in the IRC Chat.

There is a password box under the NickName box, but this is for users who have already registered their nickname for the chat room, if you enter using ZZZUSER-NUMBER-HERE you will not be able to talk, you will only be able to see the chat room  but wont be able to take part in the conversations.

Simply enter a nickname you would like to use, if you own that nickname on the IdleChat IRC Network, then enter the password for the account, if not, you can simply leave this blank, if you see the password box when you enter the chat room however and you don’t own that nickname, you will be required to change your nickname, to do that, simply click the menu button > Change NickName > Enter a new name > Click Submit.


We have applied this setting as extra protection for our users in our IRC Chat.

We have also released our brand new channel guidelines (Terms) which you can read by going to http://guidelines.rcdradio.com

NOTE: You must read the Channel Guidelines before entering the chat room, if you do not agree to our channel guidelines, you must not connect/join our chat room, if you are already in our chat room and do not agree to the terms, you must type /quit in the chat now to disconnect and you must not return.

If you have any concerns or need extra help getting in to the IRC Chat room, please either ask in the chat room (Unless you have problems getting on, then you obviously can’t do that) or you can contact us at http://rcdradio.com/contact

The Help section of RCD Radio are being built and they will include more on how to use our IRC Chat room, but for now, we are more than happy to answer questions by our contact page until our FAQ’s are released.