RCD Radio on Your Mobile


Mobile site can be found at http://m.rcdradio.com

Since January we have been privately testing (Not making it as public) a new RCD Radio site with a audio only feed streaming at different bit rates, over the past few days we have finally rolled out a brand new mobile site to the public with its new audio feeds.

We were first running the mobile site on a very simple HTML coded site, which only had brief information about the mobile site, buttons to select the quality and a back button, but over the weekend we finally made our brand new mobile site public.

iphone-stream-shq-show-with-lozoWe have 4 quality feeds to choose from on our mobile site, all our audio feeds are hosted on Ustream.tv, they are the same audio feed from RCD Radio, but they are at different bit rates depending on where you are listening, whether on Wifi or on a cellular network, obviously data charges still apply to your cellular network when you listen to RCD Radio on the go.


  • Super High Quality – Bit Rate: 192Kbps at 44100Hz
  • High Quality – Bit Rate: 128Kbps at 44100Hz
  • Medium Quality – Bit Rate: 80Kbps at 22050Hz
  • Low Quality – Bit Rate: 32Kbps at 22050Hz

studio-pic26Remember, data charges still apply to your cellular network when you listen to RCD Radio on the go.

We are still changing things with the mobile site as time goes by to make it better, we would appreciate your feedback, if you would like to see anything added, (Baring in mind it is a small and light site) you can by getting in touch with us: http://rcdradio.com/contact/

For more information on our mobile site and for the list of devices it has been tested and tried on, please visit http://rcdradio.com/mobile/

The mobile site can be found by typing in this address: http://m.rcdradio.com

Website Downtime for Scheduled Upgrades – 02/02/2015

red-logo-white-smallThis blog post is to let our listeners aware that on Monday at about 1pm UK Time, the RCD Radio website will be offline for about an hour or two while we perform some essential upgrades to our Live Page.

This including the upgrade of our current feeds system and some small added features for users, including a brand new PopUp feature for our Live stream and chat.

This is quite an exciting upgrade for the RCD Radio Live page! The photo’s below are a few examples of what you will be able to do once this update is Live, you will be able to move the stream and chat around your desktop in what ever order you like.




You will still be able to watch/listen to the RCD Radio Live Broadcast and as well use our Live chat room, once we have finished with the upgrades we will turn the website back on for normal service.

For further updates on when the site goes down for upgrades, follow us on twitter and facebook where we will also post if there are delays or problems, which we are hoping there will not be any.

So that’s Monday, from 1pm, the RCD Radio website will be down for an hour or so for scheduled upgrades.

Thank you for sticking with us and we hope to talk to you soon.