Riut Bag Giveaway for July 18th

We are delighted to announce, we are partnering up with Riut, the creators of The Riut Bag for part of July 18th, the 26 hour Live Show.

You are now asking, what is a Riut Bag? It is very very simple, its a brand new type of bag where instead of the zips being on the outer side of the bag, they sit behind your back, out of the way of thieves who could try and gain entry to your bag without you knowing.

Fact: Riut Stands for, Revolution In User Thinking

Here are a few photos:

Riut Bag Front Riut Bag Side Riut Bag Back Riut Bag Top Riut Bag Open

Meet Sarah, the founder of the Riut Bag, here is a full video on the Riut bag and its full features, full Sarah, the crator of the Riut Bag on twitter at http://twitter.com/_riut and visit Riut online at http://riut.co.uk

We are going to be giving away one of these bags, sponsored by RCD Radio, completely free to one lucky winner.

How can you win one? its very simple, all you have to do is tweet a very simple message, you can full details on how to enter through our Riut Bag page on RCD Radio, this is a twitter only giveaway, sorry about that if you are not on twitter, but you could always sign up to twitter for this fun giveaway!

The winner of the Riut Bag will not only win a Riut Bag, but also a Official RCD Radio T-Shirt, the giveaway will end on July 18th at 8:30pm Prompt, anyone wishing to enter after this time won’t be able to, Sarah will be appearing a few times during the 26 hour stream to further promote the Riut Bag and will help us pick a winner.

You can currently enter out giveaway! this line will disappear as soon as it closes!

If you wish to enter the giveaway and find more details on entering, please go to http://riut.rcdradio.com

Or if you simply want to just go ahead and buy a bag now, you can do! to buy, go to the Riut Shop at http://riut.co.uk


If you are going to tweet and share about the Riut Bag Giveaway, use the hashtags, #RiutBag #IPredictARiut #RCDJuly18 #RiutBagGiveaway

Riut Site: http://riut.co.uk
Riut Twitter: http://twitter.com/_riut
Riut Facebook: http://facebook.com/riutbag

Thank you and good luck in entering!