Server Maintenance Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Every 2nd Wednesday of every month, RCD Radio’s Live 24/7 Stream will go offline for scheduled updates and for maintenance.


We like to keep our servers up to date with the latest Windows Updates, as Microsoft releases updates for their operating system on every 2nd Tuesday of every month, we are doing our updates 24 hours later, why the delay? because we want to make sure Microsoft got it right, also giving them plenty of chance to release their updates.

When Exactly?

There is no specific time when we will perform the maintenance on our server, it depends on what is happening that day, we do try and do the maintenance when there isn’t much traffic going to our website.

How long?

We may also do some other maintenance on our server, such as a cleaning, hard drive checks, hardware updates, or even updates to our local network, so it all depends, but the minimum our servers will be down, is between 30 – 60 minutes, depending on how long it takes Windows Updates to install, typically, thats all we will do, if we need to do any other maintenance, we will mention on our social media pages that it may take longer than normal.

How will we know?

We will always tweet and post on Facebook, when we are about to shut off the servers for maintenance, we will also link to this blog post, explaining what it is and what we do.

t-shirt-bulk4What is effected?

Everything to do with our Live streams, including our main Live page stream and all our mobile streams, also effected, our IRC Channel Bots, such as RoBo, our website and other services will continue to operate as normal as they are not on the effected servers.

We would like to avoid these important maintenance checks on our servers, but these checks keep our servers in working perfect order for what they are used for and therefore must be done.

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