New Looking Live Page

Our Live page, has changed, looking allot smarter and more simple to understand as part of our new 24/7 Streaming, which you can read more about by clicking here.



The top of the page now contains the current broadcast information, including show name, the DJ’s name(s), broadcast URL, (Show Page so you can find out more information) the broadcasters twitter links and the show image.


Under that is advertising which help keep RCD Radio costs down, under that is the Now Playing information, you can tweet what is playing by pressing the little blue twitter bird button, you can also search the song using the RCD Radio Search feature just by pressing the little magnifying glass.

Under the Now Playing information is the feeds, the 24/7 Live RCD Radio Feed, to the right of the feed is the Live chat, for easy use to chat and watch our Live feed.

Under our feed and chat is a featured content section, this section is for featuring our YouTube or other YouTube videos, Live feed from another camera of our studio, including the DCBTV Show (Lozo Cam), we may also sometimes put other Live feeds here from Ustream or VaughnLive or another Live Streaming platform, we can also feature adverts and pictures in this section.


Under our featured section is our recently played list, or our music history of what has been playing on our Live feed, you can tweet songs directly from this section by clicking the blue twitter bird and you can search songs using the RCD Radio search feature by pressing the little magnifying glass, these both work exactly the same as the Now Playing section, you can also expand whats been playing by clicking the Now Playing URL. (

live-page-20141011-4Under the Song History section is a quick FAQ about RCD Radio and if you need help viewing the feed, plus useful information on where you can find stuff.


We hope you enjoy the new Live page, let us know what you think of our new Live page either in the comments of this blog post, or let us know on Twitter or Facebook or in our IRC Chat on our Live page.

Listen to RCD Radio, Live 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week, at

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