Partnership with BBCouchPotatoes

2014-bbcp-banner-1000pxTonight, we are announcing that RCD Radio is partnering with online radio podcast devoted to BBUK, called, BBCouchPotatoes.

The upcoming series of BBUK is vast approaching, the BBCP (BBCouchPotatoes) radio podcast has a talk show every week to talk about the weeks events, including the drama, evictions, nominations, tasks and housemates.

The podcast is ran by Doc Detroit, who is also a member of the board of directors at RCD Radio, he broadcasts the show on Spreaker and on his website, links are below.

You will be able to listen to the BBCP podcast on our Live page when its Live or listen on their website, BBCP will be added to our schedule when new events are upcoming, you will be able to RSVP any event in our schedule by going to

I would personally like to thank Doc Detroit for agreeing with this partnership and I hope it turns out well for the both of us.


Partnership URL:


RCD Radio Invites No Longer In Service

DJ Lozo Series 1 Pic with RCD Radio T-ShirtWe had a service called “RCDRadio Invites” which was designed as a Facebook Profile User account where other Facebook users could friend, when they friend the profile account, the account would invite everyone on the friends list to all of the RCD Radio events scheduled on Facebook and to stop being invited to all events, you would simply unfriend.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, the account was found as a false account, Facebooks terms clearly say that accounts must be genuine, as it was not a genuine profile, it turned the profile in to a page and now that its a page we wont be able to carry on with this service.

I am personally quite saddened by this but I hope to in the future to find a suitable replacement to alert users of new events to RSVP when they are created, as only some of our followers on our Facebook Page see our status updates. – We shall make a new blog post and post on Twitter and Facebook as soon as we have found a suitable replacement for the service we once had.

Thank you.