Subject to Change – Schedule Last Minute Changes Information

RCD Radio Logo RedSome events which have been scheduled may be scheduled to change at the last moment, this may be because of events in which the host is having, as the main host of RCD Radio, (Lozo or DJLozo) some events may have to be re scheduled at the last moment, this may be because of work or any events which I must attend at a moments notice.

Events will try and be re scheduled with as much notice as possible and will be put forward as many days, weeks or months as necessary, a explanation may be given but the full nature may be withheld.

If you RSVP the events on Facebook, you will know as soon as we change the date of the event in Facebook notifications, we will also send out status updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope it now clears up why events sometimes have to be re scheduled.
Lozo (DJ Lozo)