Knee Operation

Lozo Smart Shirt and Tie and Cardigan PicThis is just a quick blog about whats going on with RCD Radio and with some knee surgery I am having in January 2014.

In the new year I will be having some major knee surgery on my right knee, I will not be able to do broadcasts or keep the site up to date during my recovery time, therefore I will be taking some time off from RCD Radio, RCD Radio will be silent for a few months during my recovery, I will be back as soon as I am strong enough to return, this could be around April/May time next year.

I am sad its come to this, I have not been able to broadcast enough since I started having knee problems at work, but once I have had the operation I will be able to get my life back on track and start doing broadcasts again at RCD Radio.

Please follow me on twitter for updates on my condition while I am in hospital. I will try and make updates as often as I can, also check out my blog where I may post full updates their to.


I may do a remix broadcast before the new year, but we shall have to see what happens this week! Stay Tuned!